High-Impact K-12 Education for 21st Century Leaders –
Focus on STEM & Project Based Learning
Emory-Area STEM focused K-8 Campus Opening August 2016
Full-Time & Hybrid Programs Available
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Students grade(s) in fall 2016

CEO Gareth N. Genner speaks to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation on the viability of Educational Savings Accounts

Some of our international students meet-up to receive their
1st semester report cards


Our completely customized
educational program offers:

  • Academic acceleration & college credit
  • Flexible attendance
  • Optional year-round schooling
  • Project-based activities
  • Computer programming
  • Early-graduation options
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM) integration
  • Foreign language electives
  • Credit recovery & remediation
  • Study-abroad in England & Switzerland

Students make accelerated
academic progress with:

  • Dedicated faculty team
  • Adaptive curriculum
  • Blended learning materials
  • Extended school year
  • Mentored personal learning plan
  • One-to-One take home technology
  • Deeper Learning projects link theory to application
  • Personalized, self-paced curriculum
  • Small school community (80 students)
  • Full family involvement

Latest News

Small school community (less than 15 students per class)

At Great Teacher’s Academy the curriculum and educational program are individually designed for each and every student. With total enrollment limited in each class limited to only 15 students every student is able to pursue their personal interests and progress through the challenging curriculum at their own pace. Admissions applications will be prioritized as completed.

There are no "filler courses" at Great Teacher’s Academy!

At Great Teacher’s Academy, students master a challenging core 21st Century curriculum that includes:

English Language Competency & Critical Thinking
Civics, Economics & Entrepreneurship
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics

and can select from a wide range of elective subjects including many that earn college credit or advanced skill credentials.

There are no "standardized students" at Great Teacher’s Academy!

Students progress through the program at their own pace and work levels are related to each student’s development rather than arbitrary grade levels. Some students will be behind or ahead of grade in all subjects upon enrolling in Great Teacher’s Academy while others will be ahead in some subjects and require remediation in others.

There is no "social promotion" at Great Teacher’s Academy!

All elements of the Great Teacher’s Academy program are competency based requiring mastery to advance and offering unlimited opportunities to review and relearn materials with and without teacher-support until all that key concepts have been mastered.

There are no "disengaged students" at Great Teacher’s Academy!

Because each student needs to be actively engaged in the formation of their own intellect and Deeper Learning that links theoretical knowledge to practical application is the most effective form of learning experience each course requires the student to design, undertake and present a multi-disciplinary project that seeks to solve a real-world problem.

Personalization - Innovation - Acceleration