Parent / Guardian Confirmations

We are excited about the opportunity to work with your student!

Great Teachers' Academy is a candidate for accreditation with the Georgia Accreditation Commission. This requires us to obtain certain confirmations in order that we can grant credit for courses taken through us. Please complete this form (one per student) and submit it for our records.

Student Name:
Date of Birth:

We have filed a Declarations of Intent (DOI) to homeschool with the Georgia Department of Education for this academic year.

We understand that no more than 60% of our student's study time can be spent on-campus at Great Teachers' Academy.

I understand that under the applicable law, a school day comprises at least 4.5 hours of study and a minimum of 180 days each year.

I understand that the student needs access to a computer and Internet service at home to complete projects and assignments.

I agree to attend either in person or via online webinar at a time convenient to me, an onboarding session that will familiarize me with the curriculum and systems.

I understand that Mike Davis has been assigned as the student's academic mentor and will agree with the student and send to me for approval, an individual study plan including assessment tools.

I have received a copy of the school's emergency procedures.

Parent / Guardian name:

Thank You!

Mike Davis
Executive Director