Great Teachers’ Academy Atlanta meets on campus for one day each week. That day is focused upon hands-on STEM activities with an emphasis on group projects designed to apply the student’s academic learning to solving real-world problems.

At Great Teachers’ Academy we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children and that we are privileged to participate in that process with them. Accordingly, we believe that family based experiential opportunities are of incomparable value and will always work with families to facilitate family trips and activities as well as the demands of any off-campus student activities that the family has committed to.

Students working at home are able to remain fully engaged with the curriculum and their teachers & fellow students through the school’s online campus, forums and video conferencing resources.

Georgia Law requires private schools to offer the equivalent of 180 school days each year with each day being at least 4.5 hours therefore students are required to complete the equivalent of at least 180 x 4.5 hours of schooling each school year in order to achieve satisfactory attendance. That time obligation may be met by including time spent at the Great Teacher’s Academy campus and time spent working at home.